How To Deal With Burnout In College


In this video, I share my personal experience dealing with college burnout and how you can use my friend Justin’s tips to deal with burnout in college.

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Have you ever felt de-motivated, lethargic or like you couldn’t bring yourself to care about anything? If you’re like me then you’ve probably felt this way before but was unsure as to why. So bosses, today I am going to share with you my personal experience overcoming burnout in college and how you can use my strategies to ensure you maintain proper physical and mental health in your own academic journey. Now here’s my story…

It was a Friday night in march and I had survived another grueling week of intense studying and exams in my masters in accounting program. Whereas I was usually full of energy on a Friday night, I found myself rather lethargic, not having much of an appetite which for me was rather unusual. As most Fridays in university went, my phone was exploding with messages to come party and not wanting to be the odd man out I got myself together and met up with my friends. As I was at the bar, I started to feel even more tired and told my friends I had to sit down. My friends returned to the dancefloor and as they returned to check up on me they found me passed out on the floor. I woke up the next morning but instead of being in my bed I was at the hospital with one of my best friends by my side. He filled me in on what had happened and the only thing I could think of was that I had to get home to study! As the doctor came into the room, she explained to me that my body was overworked and that I needed to take better care of myself to avoid this happening again. My prognosis was simple: burnout.

As I laid there in the hospital bed, I knew I never wanted to go through that horrific experience again but I didn’t know how to change my lifestyle to avoid burning out again. I felt like I always had so much to do and that I couldn’t afford to take anything out of my busy schedule. But if I didn’t I was destined to end up back in the hospital or worse…

I spent the next week at home recovering from this traumatic event when my friend Justin came to visit. Justin was a great student and an awesome friend and he always amazed me as to how he could manage juggling so many of his life responsibilities like school, work and exercise. I then asked Justin, “You do more than me how do you avoid burning out?”. What he told me changed the course of my academic career and my health forever…

Justin began to explain that building good study habits is one of ways he avoids burning out. He explained that there are two types of students: the effective and non-effective studiers. The effective studiers allocate a couple hours to their notes and focus without distractions. The non-effective studiers set no time restrictions on their review but allow themselves to work with Facebook open, music playing and their phone by their side. Sadly, the second scenario resonated with me. Justin said that he used the time he saved to relax, go out with friends and be social all while obtaining some of the top marks in our program. This tip alone blew my mind so I pleaded to Justin to share some more of his secrets.

Justin went on to explain that he used to constantly double book his commitments causing him to stress out which I knew that I too found myself guilty of doing. He then pulled out his IPhone and showed me how he now tracks all of his classes, work shifts and social outings on his Google Calendar. Hearing this suggestion, I began to kick myself as I was wasting time on useless apps like Facebook and Instagram when I should have been using apps to organize my schedule and ultimately help avoid the burnout that I fell victim to.

Seeing his busy schedule on his Google Calendar, I had to ask, “Do you ever sleep?”. He laughed and told me that sleep is critical to his academic success and avoiding burnout. Justin highlighted how so many students in college like to brag about how many all-nighters they pull each semester but in his research, sleep was not to be neglected. Not surprisingly, he cited one study that showed that students, like Justin, who obtain the best marks sleep 8 or more hours per night. Admittedly, getting more sleep made sense but if you’re like me then wanting to get more sleep and actually getting more sleep can be challenging so I inquired how Justin ensured he regularly got eight plus hours of sleep.


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