Vaccine clinic at Minute Maid exceeds expectations, appointments rescheduled due to high volume –


Mayor Sylvester Turner said almost 1,200 more shots were given out on Saturday compared to last weekend.

HOUSTON — Thousands of people once again flocked to downtown Houston on Saturday for the city of Houston’s second mass distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine at Minute Maid Park.

Turnout at the Houston Health Department’s vaccine clinic once again exceeded expectations. In fact, health officials had to reschedule appointments for those still in line for future date because the site couldn’t accommodate the high volume of people.

HHD tweeted it was investigating what caused the excess appointments and apologized for any inconveniences it may have caused. The department released the following statement:

« The Houston Health Department vaccinated at minimum 6,122 people today at Minute Maid Park. The number exceeded the original stated goal of 5,000 COVID-19 vaccines. »

Mayor Sylvester Turner said there’s a huge demand for the shot.

Flynn Jackson was one of the many who was able to secure an appointment.

“It’s the beginning of the beginning and we’ve got a long ways to go, » he said.

Last week, the city vaccinated more than 3,800 people at the ballpark.

As of 6 p.m. Saturday, officials said 5,451 people had been vaccinated at the mega-site.

Jackson received his shot.

“I feel fine. No effects at all. It’s just like a regular shot. No problem at all, » Jackson said.

At first Jackson struggled to get an appointment and then was told it didn’t exist when he showed up. But after sometime, the issue was resolved.

“It’s a lot of people trying to get through the same process but considering what’s going on it wasn’t really a problem, » Jackson said.

Others like Jack Domurat were vaccinated at other locations like NRG Park.

“From beginning, pulling in the parking lot until we left was maybe 30 minutes counting the 15 minute wait time,” Domurat said.

He showed up at the ballpark to support family being vaccinated.

“I know I feel a little more relaxed today,” Domurat said. “I think I’m a little on the road to be a little more protected.”

Mayor Turner said it’s a big effort to get the vaccines out as fast as possible.

As of Friday, Houston has received 30,350 doses of the vaccine and administered 21,025.

« They probably brought a truckload in here but if you’re going to do this all over the city you’ve got to have smaller distribution points and that’s difficult, » Jackson said.

The city expects 9,000 new doses next week.

They plan to distribute the vaccine to more places throughout the community.

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