Was Mark Stoops surprised Tennessee got caught cheating? – kentuckysportsradio.com


Nope. Not at all.

Monday afternoon athletic director Phil Fulmer “retired” as the University of Tennessee announced the termination of head football coach Jeremy Pruitt for cause after an internal investigation found the program committed a number of Level I and Level II recruiting violations. Based on Mark Stoops’ response, Tennessee’s cheating was a poorly kept secret.

“I gotta be careful in my response here,” Stoops said on Tuesday’s edition of Kentucky Sports Radio. “Did I see it coming? Yes, I’m grateful it came. Does it surprise me? Not one bit.”

Stoops was being nice to the low-down Vols. Tennessee’s cheating might be the sloppiest in the history of college athletics. Dan Patrick shared that Tennessee assistant coaches, “put money into McDonald’s bags and gave them to the recruits when they came on campus… They weren’t even trying to hide it.”

Knoxville’s Dollar Menu looks different than the rest of the country’s.


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