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When trying to list the teams that should be interested in Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, it becomes easier to list the teams that shouldn’t be: Bills, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers, Seahawks, Chargers, Bengals.

The Jets should be interested. The New York Post recently suggested that possibility, with a back page blaring “WATEVER IT TAKES.” Watson’s official Instagram account clicked “like” on the image, prompting plenty of Jets fans to clamor for the team to trade for Watson.

A social-media “like” on an Instagram image instigating for Watson’s exit doesn’t mean that Watson wants to play for the Jets; it means he wants to play for another team than the Texans. If/when the Texans agree to try to trade Watson, Watson landing with the Jets is unlikely.

As Chris Simms’ pointed out on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Watson would have a great season with the Jets — and the Jets quite possibly would be 4-12. The team has too many other needs. The draft picks that would go to Houston to get the deal done would make it even harder to address those needs.

That’s the broader problem Watson will face, wherever he goes. If a team gives up a trio of first-round picks to get him, Watson’s new team will have three fewer first-round picks, making it harder to put a quality team around him.

Still, if the Texans decide to try to trade Watson, the best move becomes getting a list of the teams for which Watson would play (his no-trade clause gives him veto power) and then holding an auction for Watson’s contract.

There’s persistent talk in league circles that Watson wants to play for the Dolphins. Given that the Dolphins could send Houston’s first-round pick (third overall) back to the Texans as part of a trade, Miami could make the trade without undermining its ability to put a competitive team on the field.

So, basically, as Jets fans jostle for Watson to be traded from Houston, the bad news could be that he’s traded to a team the Jets play twice every year.

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